Wedding Place cards what you need to know before ordering.

by alex lanz on October 06, 2022

Wedding place cards are something special that can add an element to any special day,

With the many options sometimes it's hard to choose what is the best for your occasion but there is more that you should be thinking about.

Cardstock / Chipboard / Plywood and MDF are all commonly used as place cards but what are they made of, remember they are sitting on top of your plate for this magical day.

Lets go through some pros and cons to each,

Cardstock: Looks great and can be very cost effective, the number one downside is moisture, even in a humid area the cardstock will bow and lose strength.

Chipboard: Much like cardstock chipboard is a cheaper option, there is a strange gray tone to it that can be offputting and the again are affected by moisture, Think about if you want to take the time to paint each one before ordering.

Plywood:Unlike card and chipboard Plywood can standup to moisture, even to a glass being tipped over it.

The timber look makes it very appealing, but it is a little more expensive than the others here, each wedding place card can cost $1-$1.20 each but it is also an item your family and friends can take home and treasure for years to come.

MDF: If you have looked on Etsy you have probably seen a tone of MDF place cards, They are cheaper but have a dark secret, any MDF made in Australia and other countries outside of Europe and the USA use formaldehyde to glue the sheets together, please do some research on this product before placing on anything you are going to eat off, Also MDF is very much like cardboard just glued together and is very much affected by water.

I have another article on MDF and the risks associated with it here The difference between MDF and Plywood.

If you would like to look at Plywood wedding place cards, please look at our page Twilight Craft and we would be more than happy to offer you a custom design if there is nothing you like.